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Original Kamen Rider Design
I'm planning on making a Kamen Rider flash series, like my sentai one, and I need a design for the Riders. I was wondering if anyone could post any they have, and you will et full credit for the design. If you have more than one that would be great, but im looking for something like a tech design like with te modern day riders. Thanks
Love the sentai flash man. I have a design for my Kamen Rider Aftershock fanfilm and I'm almost done making the actural costume too. The design isn't 100% original, the helmet is based on Agito's burn mode helmet. But it would be cool to have a flask series for my aftershock film too....

[Image: iAgito.jpg]

Let's talk biz ;-)

Masked Rider Aftershock.
Thanks for your help.

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