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Good news!! A new board to Zetaboard, COMING SOON!!
Hi to all members of this board!

I'd like to you to know that Zetaboard is coming up soon, plus I don't know when it comes out.

Here's some information from the Support Board of Invisionfree:

Brandon Wrote:The first public beta testing of ZetaBoards has begun. We have selected a few members from the support board for this first round of testing.

This beta team has already been selected and we will not be adding to it. The next beta stage will be open to all users of InvisionFree and should be beginning soon. The next stage will begin once acceptable quality standards have been reached for the software and we have performed a security audit.

ZetaBoards is an all-encompassing upgrade that will take the place of InvisionFree's service. ZetaBoards features enhanced moderation, automatic protections against spam bots, a post search, a new PM system, and an enhanced skinning system, as well as many more new features and enhancements.

Yes, I know you guys are pretty tired of registering to a new board again. Personally, I honestly don't like createmybb because of so many errors. I was so tired of that. So, I'm going to move on to Zetaboard to make a new board.

The titles will be the same as this messageboard. "仮面ライダー Community" and it is NOT gonna change completely.

Soon, I'll be creating a new message board from Zetaboard for all Kamen Riders fan when Zetaboard comes out. Please post if you have any question.

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