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Kamen Rider Exass
Basic Plot gist: In the year 2010 things seem peaceful all over the world but unknown to most of the earth's inhabitants something has awakened. An alien invasion force which had crashed on earth billions of years ago has begun to reawaken.
Only the highest ranking government officials from various countries around the world know of this looming threat and have had weapons created to combat these enemies,The Kamen Rider gear. Sets of devices created to give people the ability to henshin into super powered fighters called Kamen Riders.
Unfortuneatly due to a group of traitorous terroists hoping to be spared by the invaders the rider gears were lost and scattered across various countries. Now the individuals that accidentally ended up finding the rider gears must come together in order to face this threat or we could all be doomed.(note: more will be revealed as the rp goes on)

Good Riders:
Kamen Rider Exass: Rick Arion(played by me)
Kamen Rider Sion
Kamen Rider Gohma
Kamen Rider Zagan

Evil Riders(Terrorist,invader or guy that just didnt wanna work with the others):
Kamen Rider Malak:
Kamen Rider Lior:
Kamen rider Gigas:
Kamen Rider Raika

Also the rider Gear for this rp is pretty much the same as the Rider Gear for Kamen rider 555

Bio must include:
Character's name(rider and human)
Characters age
Description of rider form
rider gear:
finishing move:
main weapon
and a history of some sort

Here is my bio as an example:
Name: Rick Arion/Kamen Rider Exass
Age: 19
Description of rider form: similar to Kaixa except white, silver and black
Picture:[Image: athrun_d.gif]
Rider Gear: Exass Gear
Finishing move: Rider Cutter
Main Weapon: Exass Blade
Short History: Rick was pretty much an average guy who didnt do to much that was until one day some guy frantically ran up to him with a briefcase and begged him to take it.The guy had left before rick really made a decision and later on back at his home when messing around with the contents of the briefcase and reading some badly written instructions he was still pretty confused as to what this stuff was.It wasnt till later when some of the invaders attacked trying to take the gear from him did he manage to get the Rider Gear to work and became Exass for the first time
pretty interesting...
kenshihimura Wrote:pretty interesting...

im not sure i get this ...j‌avascript:addsmilie(':confused:');

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can we be any rider? Or is this for private parties? And how do we play?
JUst wondering if anyone checks hetre???

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